Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Blessings

This summer we have had lots of activity at the house. I get so excited when I see Robert and Dena cleaning the house because I know something exciting is going to happen. Relatives on both sides have stopped in for a visit. Robert and Dena enjoy having company and appreciate that we have family that we love and enjoy. I've heard it said that life is too short to waste opportunities to make precious memories.
One weekend, Paul and Gladys came for a visit. They had never seen our new condo so it was really fun for me to show them around. They really liked our backyard and herb garden. They brought a big box that I mistook for a present for me. Once it was opened, I assumed it was a beautiful food dish for me but later I was informed it is a serving dish for the humans. Heavy sigh.
Paul, Gladys, Robert and Dena went into Boston for a few hours and I got to stay home with Gram. The tall ships were in town and they were all excited to see them. They stopped by the Old North Church, walked past Paul Revere's house, happened upon a festival/parade for a Saint. They came home with stories to tell Gram and me.

We were sad that Paul and Gladys couldn't stay longer and missed them when they left.

Then we made a trip to upstate NY to take my Gram up to see my Great Granny. She is 91 years old and gets around pretty well. She lives with her old doggie; they are alot alike. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of Granny and the doggie - next time.

I did get a picture of the covered bridge my Uncles Dick and Ditty built.

We stayed with Chata my cousin. She lives on a pond in the woods. It is such a beautiful place, quiet and calm with lots of beautiful birds and flowers. I loved just lazing around with Chata.

The morning we left Robert and Dena went to breakfast with Janice's family at an old diner. I was pretty bored waiting in the car for everyone, smelling all of the yummy breakfast foods being cooked nearly drove me nuts. We were all sad to leave but we will spend more time another day.
The following weekend my Aunt Janet and Uncle Dick brought Gram home. God I missed her. I thought she was never coming back. Uncle Dick gave Gram a haircut and we tried on some wigs...he's a fun loving guy!

When Uncle Dick and Aunt Janet had to go back home we wished they could have stayed longer.

Dena had an opportunity to take a trip to SoCal last week. She'd been looking for airfare for weeks and complained daily about the prices. Saturday AM she found what she was looking for at 11AM and was on a flight at 5PM. Touched down in San Diego at 8:30PM and was driving though Del Taco by 10PM. What a great time she had. Hit the beach twice - O.B.(See Givanni boogie boarding) and Doheny. She loved spending lots of time with loved ones.

Next weekend Big Dave is coming for a visit. We are hoping our friend William is able to arrange his schedule to come up for a visit also.

I've heard Dena talk about taking time to appreciate the little things, but now I'm starting to understand her words. She often tells me how important family and friends are to have in our lives, and how wonderful it is to love and be loved without conditions or conflict. I noticed that everyone who walks though our door makes all three of us happy and content. Time passes by quickly, gosh I'm 3 1/2 already. As time passes we should all make the most of every moment and appreciate that having each other is a blessing beyond compare.