Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bath Time

Mom has been complaining for the past few weeks that the house was starting to smell doggy. I'm not sure what exactly she means by that, but I don't think she

meant it as a compliment. I don't understand what the fuss is all about because I don't smell anything unusual, and I'm the one in the family with the best sniffer.

When the weekend came, the weather was actually pretty nice, so Dad and I went for our morning walk and played a little football too. I love the weekends! I was even more surprised, and almost giddy, when Dad and I got in the car and went for a ride. A little while later, we ended up in a place called Southie, which is the term Bostonians use to describe the neighborhood of South Boston. As we got out of the car and walked around the side streets of triple decker houses, I suddenly realized where we were heading. Rut ro! Dad was taking me to BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) for a bath. I resisted, and quickly went into my sit position as he was walking me to the store. Unfortunately, Dad won that contest and faster than Big Pappi can get to second base, I was in one of the stainless tubs having my bath.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the water, especially when I can either swim in it, or lay in a puddle, but I'm just not fond of being lifted into a 5'x3' tub and getting soaped up and rinsed down without any privacy. Do you know how mortifying it feels to have people and other dogs watch you as you're getting a bath from your dad?

Fortunately, the indignity only lasts for about 20 minutes and then I got my revenge by shaking all the water off me and spraying my dad. He was only slightly less wet than me. He's a really good sport though, my dad. After drying me off and combing my now glistening coat, he went and bought me a bunch of my favorite treats. They are delicious! I could easily eat the whole bag just on the ride home. And speaking of home, when I got back to the house after my bath, my mom was so delighted with how soft my coat felt and how nice she said I smelled, that she let me jump up on the bed with her. So when you think about it, I guess bath time isn't so bad after all.

Talk to you soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


As you all know living in Boston has its challenges, one I've noted is the human need to wear gloves. You are such fragile creatures. I on the other paw love love love the cold, ice, snow and rain.

I recently discovered the art of finding and eating ice/snow balls I find on my walks. They are very refreshing....just think maybe some beef or chicken stock flavoring would be nice....sorta like a shaved ice.

Ok back to I walk here and there I see them all over....just one sad one no mate. Thought ya'd like to take a look.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Whiskers

It's winter in New England, and the snow is falling again. This weekend there was another storm that passed through our area and dropped about 10 inches of snow, with some drifts about 18 inches deep. I love the snow, and I especially love to play football in the snow. One of the best things I enjoy doing, however, is making snow whiskers. I have the most fun sticking my face in the snow, while I'm looking for my football, and coming up with my whole face covered in the frosty white stuff, and looking like ol' dog winter.

My blogging friend Sierra Rose from Northern CA, loves to show off her snow whiskers, so I wanted to show her that I get to do the same thing here in Boston. I've never tasted snow from the high Sierra's, but I can tell you that New England snow tastes pretty good. It often has that nice briny taste from the moisture that gets pulled in from the North Atlantic. If Sierra Rose ever wants to try a taste of some New England snow, I would be happy to send her some in the mail, although I think it would probably melt by the time it got to her.

All this talk of snow, has me excited to go out and put on some more snow whiskers. I think I'm going to have my dad take me for a walk now. I'll send some more pictures later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thinking Ability

For weeks now I have been hearing talk of the holidays. Everyone seems to have a different viewpoint........none wrong, just diverse.

Our views are what Dena says make the world go round and hopefully makes us all more willing to listen, and then possibily broaden out our viewpoints, whether it be a simple acknowledgment of anothers view, or maybe a deeper understanding of each other.

Here is the thing with any event, holiday, occasion. When the words OBLIGATION or EXPECTATION come into play, somehow the joy of giving or doing is taken right out the picture. Don't get me wrong, we all have obligations and people expect of us daily, if we didn't none would have jobs, friends or family. We are responsible to other living creatures on this planet, but we have choices as to how far WE go and this should come with no amount guilt or regret.

This all being said I'd like to speak about gifts. Gifts are a special treasure that we can bestow on those we love and care for. Some people are super talented buyers/givers...they pay rapt attention and remember what others like, then wait for the opportune time to deliver. Robert and Dena are blessed to have several who are - shall we say - gifted in this way. Dena says Robert buys the most amazing, meaningful and beautiful cards she has ever seen. She is blessed. Gifts do not have to be large or expensive, just have meaning. Dena has received used garage sale finds, which she has loved more than something brand new. The point is the thought. I love getting new toys and treats....they spoil me so.

Personal old-fashioned mail is HUGE. Think about it...a card or letter can be a huge gift.
  • a person thinks of you, gets paper and ink out...maybe goes to a card store... it takes thought, feeling, and a huge effort to find the perfect words to express what is needed at the time, then ya gotta buy it 
  • the time and effort to compose thoughts or simply sign your name
  • address it
  • a stamp....ooops off to the post office and oh BTW  mircle of mircles for 44 pennies a man will take this gift anywhere in the US and all of our territories....CRAZY beautiful
  • your receiver gets the most amazing, thoughtful, gift ever, surrounded by all of the time and effort it took to accomplish the goal... but do they know this?
OK here is the issue that comes in. Some people expect! They expect a birthday card, Christmas card, a gift, a call, a visit, whatever, and they expect it on time and if the whatever is late or lost they still keep asking. Do they want because they have always been indudged and ask because they feel are forgotten? Do some need to show others how loved they are to others? Or is it pressure to make the good giver always feel a sense of obligation? This makes the joy of giver deflate and lose its intended power of happiness.

I've decided that I will take some of the things I have been hearing to heart. I live without letting others make me feel obligated to lick a hand, lay on their feet to warm them, or even chase a ball just to retrieve. I plan to live unselfishly, doing kindnesses for others within the limits of my ability and desire to give without expectation or obligation.