Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Stylish Cousins

 I keep wanting to share my cousins pictures with you. You've seen the up town girl Chelsea, she lives with Paul and Gladys she has had some facetime here in a previous posting. Now I would like to introduce Daisey and Shorty the Dachshunds who live in  Staten Island, NY with our cousins,  Rosalie and Jimmy. Daisey loves shopping, dieting, resting (with Shorty all cozy and warm) and ooopps eating... lots of eating.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The True Meaning of Christmas

I love receiving presents from my packies, whether it's for Christmas, or my

birthday, or just because they thought of me. I love that they think of me and want to give me something that I will enjoy chewing. Unfortunately, I can't go to a store by myself and buy a gift for my packies, so I can just give them my unconditional love and affection. And lucky for me, that seems to be all that my packies need, which I gladly give to them in abundance.

2009 was a very difficult year for many of my human friends, not the least among them were my own packies. My mom and dad will gladly watch this year fade into life's rearview mirror. And although Mom wanted so badly to be in California for Christmas this year, we will instead be together for a quiet New England Christmas, just the three of us.

Dad bought a tiny little Charlie Brown Christmas tree the other day to decorate the house, and I heard them talking about what we would have for dinner. Whatever they decide to make, I know I will have some of the left overs and it will be delicious. I don't know what Santa will give them, but my dad, on many occasions, has said that he doesn't need anything except my mom and me. He says we are the best presents you could ever receive. My mom, in turn, says that Dad is her Christmas gift.

I think that's really sweet, but I also think it goes to the heart of what this holiday is about. It's not about the presents we receive, or the gifts that we give, but it's all about the love that we share with our family and friends, the selfless acts of kindness, the tiny gestures of appreciation and the recognition that all of these things together contribute to our greater humanity.

The legacy of George Bailey is as meaningful today as it was in 1946.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Season's Greetings

Hi Friends,

I've finally been able to get my dad to sit down at his desk and write his Christmas cards to everyone. I also reminded him that he hasn't been fulfilling his duties as a good blogger to keep his posts current. In fairness to my dad, he has been working like a dog, which is an expression I don't quite grasp because my job is mostly making my packies happy, and I really love that job. Nonetheless, my dad seems to be quite happy to be back at work, but I just miss having him around all day to play ball with and take him on his favorite long walks. Okay, so they're really my favorite long walks, but the relationship is symbiotic. I have to do my part to keep my dad in good health.

I enjoy Christmas and all the pretty decorations, but one day I would really like to meet Santa Claus. He and his reindeer must be very quiet because I always seem to miss them on Christmas Eve. I never hear them enter the house, but somehow he always leaves me my present. He's a really nice man that Santa, and I would just like to show him my appreciation some day.

I also know that not all of my friends celebrate Christmas. My Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah. They light candles each night instead of putting up a Christmas tree. They also get a present every night, which I think is pretty cool. It just boils down to family and tradition, with the emphasis on family. And in the end, that's what the holidays are all about.

So to all my friends out there, be you Christian, Jewish, Muslim or non-believer, I want to extend my very best wishes for a happy, joyous and safe holiday.