Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to Mom in Heaven

To my dearest Mom,

As another year draws to a close, it has been a terribly sad and lonely one without your love and warmth to fill up our lives. Hope is a commodity that is in short supply this holiday season for us, but we do our best knowing that your spirit and your eternal love sustain us through these most difficult times.

Dad misses you so much, even more than I do. What I miss most are your hugs and kisses that smothered me in the gentile warmth of your love. Dad misses his soul mate and his one true love. We have learned to lean on each other for support, and not just Dad and me. We have been blessed with the love and support of so many family and friends. While their love is a healing salve, it is no substitute for you, Mom. You were always our sunshine in the gloomiest days and the coldest winters.

I love when Dad hugs me and kisses me, but it just isn't the same as you. Even though I'm just a dog, I've learned through this hardship that there really is nothing like a mother's love. There is just something uniquely tender and comforting that makes it so special.

I'm sure you will be pleased to know that Dad will be going to California for Christmas to visit Riden, Gi and Gram. I will be with Karen and Cole for Christmas, and I'm sure to have lots of fun playing with Cole and helping him with the toys that he gets from Santa. I love that little guy; he's just like my two legged brother.

Dad and I will miss you more than words can even express this Christmas, but we live to feel your spirit come alive whenever we see the Red Tail Hawk, knowing that your love is still with us.

Merry Christmas, Mom.

Love always and forever,

Harry and Dad

Send me letters from above
Send me strength, send me love
Such sweet love
Sing me songs that echo in my head and in my heart
That's where you are
And I don't know if you feel me here
I can tell you one thing is clear
I will feel you
- Vertical Horizon