Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hola Chata

I met my cousin Chata this weekend for the 1st time, she is a traveling dog and lives an exciting life. She is what they call a Snowbird. I never heard this term before and of course Chata looked at me like I was so uneducated when I said, " I see birds in the snow all winter long." Then patiently explained that she and her people drive a big truck with a house attached to the back from New York to the Rio Grand Valley of Texas every winter. They are called Snowbirds because they fly away from the dreadful winter weather and go to a warm climate. They live very close to the Mexican border in Texas which means lots of yummy Mexican food...beans, rice, tacos, flautas...

After Chata realized that I'm a welcoming and lovable host she warmed right up to me. She was a good backup when I barked at the squirrels and birds. She pulled up the rear so to speak. I loved that we worked together to chase away those little buggers.

I took her on a walk around my backyard and showed her my favorite spots to pee. I even showed her the prime locations to find rabbits poop to eat. I figure there is enough for everydog. Later in the day we walked over to a specially designed poop park in my neighborhood. Both of us poo'ed but Chata's was different from mine, it looked like a mini licorice jelly bean. Unfortunately, for Robert big dogs make big poos.

I enjoyed meeting and visiting with my cousin Chata and can't wait for her to come back again hopefully she won't wait to long. Chata and I talked about her wanting to stay longer but Uncle Ditty and Aunt Janice had lots of things to do back home...Chata said somethings about a car race in New Hampshire maybe I'll get to drive up there and she can show me around.


Unknown said...

Bummer that we missed you this past weekend. Hopefully you'll be out visiting this way again soon.

Lexi said...

Hi Harry,

I really like your blog and I have something for you over at my blog.