Monday, September 21, 2009

Dena says its a bad sign...I beg to differ!

MUMS!!! MUMS!!! MUMS!!! I see them everywhere these days. As I walk in the neighborhood the porches and window boxes are filled with mums. I have heard that all the stores whether it be Home Depot or the grocery store mums are in abundance.

Dena said to Robert the other day, "Oh no this is a bad sign...I see mums." He laughed and asked, "Why is that bad?" She reminded him, "When you see mums in this neck of the woods... winter is right around the corner." Bad sign? So she says...she doesn't enjoy winter like I do, it fact she thinks it's dreadful and stupid.

Winter is the best! I can't wait to run in the snow, chew on ice, and walk in a windy snow storm. I love when the wind blows my ears's quite refreshing to me. Maybe as time passes and we move to California I'll change my point of view but for now the MUMS are a sign of good things to come for me.

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