Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bath Time

Mom has been complaining for the past few weeks that the house was starting to smell doggy. I'm not sure what exactly she means by that, but I don't think she

meant it as a compliment. I don't understand what the fuss is all about because I don't smell anything unusual, and I'm the one in the family with the best sniffer.

When the weekend came, the weather was actually pretty nice, so Dad and I went for our morning walk and played a little football too. I love the weekends! I was even more surprised, and almost giddy, when Dad and I got in the car and went for a ride. A little while later, we ended up in a place called Southie, which is the term Bostonians use to describe the neighborhood of South Boston. As we got out of the car and walked around the side streets of triple decker houses, I suddenly realized where we were heading. Rut ro! Dad was taking me to BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) for a bath. I resisted, and quickly went into my sit position as he was walking me to the store. Unfortunately, Dad won that contest and faster than Big Pappi can get to second base, I was in one of the stainless tubs having my bath.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the water, especially when I can either swim in it, or lay in a puddle, but I'm just not fond of being lifted into a 5'x3' tub and getting soaped up and rinsed down without any privacy. Do you know how mortifying it feels to have people and other dogs watch you as you're getting a bath from your dad?

Fortunately, the indignity only lasts for about 20 minutes and then I got my revenge by shaking all the water off me and spraying my dad. He was only slightly less wet than me. He's a really good sport though, my dad. After drying me off and combing my now glistening coat, he went and bought me a bunch of my favorite treats. They are delicious! I could easily eat the whole bag just on the ride home. And speaking of home, when I got back to the house after my bath, my mom was so delighted with how soft my coat felt and how nice she said I smelled, that she let me jump up on the bed with her. So when you think about it, I guess bath time isn't so bad after all.

Talk to you soon.


How Sam Sees It said...

Oh, Harry, Sam needs a bath today too! He has made resisting a fine art - we make American Gladiators look like a game of ping pong! I wish we had one of those wash your own dog places - it might make it easier!


Bailey said...

Mom says I am getting a shower tomorrow - I agree with you - doggy smells are the best.

Mom used to take me to the groomer, but now she just puts me in the shower with her, and I get her all covered in dog hair!

Glad you got treats afterward - that doesn't ever happen to me...

CE Webster said...

I enjoyed the bath article. My sister has a golden that loves getting bathed.

Angel Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Now Harry, don't give our peeps any ideas. You look nice and clean though.

Tucker and Daisy