Friday, March 20, 2009

FIRE in the hole!

Lately I have been having an issue, I'm trying very hard to work on it, it's difficult to talk about but today was the topper. I must vent.

Robert is a great, no fabulous cook. He makes meals fit for the King of Golden Retrievers. But in the last few months he has set the fire alarm off several times. Do you know how crazy loud that things is? I want out of here when it happens so I head for the front door, only trouble is I can't open it. Once the excitement dies down, Dena coaxes me to come down and I feel safe again. Nervous but safe.

Here's where the head trip comes in...because I don't want to hurt Robert's feelings or make him insecure when I hear him start to cook I sit on the third stair just in case. I try to act nonchalant but Dena usually catches me and tells me, "Be brave Harry Ho, some sit down with me." She massages me and tells me how beautiful I am (which is pure truth) it's a nice distraction from the potential disaster brewing in the kitchen.

Fast forward to today. They decide to have Nachos for dinner. Robert pops them in oven, not more than 2 minutes passed and you guessed it; there was FIRE IN THE HOLE and all hell breaks loose. FIRE real fire with flames kinda fire!!! I was doing good, peacefully on my rug resting doing my breathing exercises. I'm thinking this is the real thing not a fire drill. Holy guacamole!!! Thankfully they get the fire out just as I am heading up the stairs. There she is again she catches me and said, "No, Harry this way, let's go outback." Thank God my ears are killing me.

I'm not upset with either of them but come on this is what I have been thinking is going to happen! Granted I'm a little OCD, I work on it everyday. But from now on banging around in the kitchen means FIRE IN THE HOLE...whew thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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