Monday, March 16, 2009

A lush day in Boston

I think the snowy days are almost over; as much as I love the snow it's nice to get out in the sunshine. On Saturday we had to go into mommy's office to do some work, I can't believe all the stuff she does for Shaun. Filling out applications, copying, scheduling and the filing was stacking up (she says it's not her favorite thing to do). I was going to offer to help but couldn't remember my ABC song.

Then we walked all over Beacon Hill; John Kerry must have been having lunch with Teddy cause he wasn't home. Then when we turned on Charles Street, my backpack was starting to get you think that my humans asked if I needed a hand??? No...but I trekked on cheerfully tail wagging and smiling at all of the tourists. Finally we got to rest in The Common. As you see Robert got tired and I let him cuddle up on the bench with me. He has such a comfy lap.

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