Monday, March 16, 2009

Seems simple to me

With this being the year the US gets a new President, I've been thinking about world peace. Mostly trying to figure out what is wrong with humans. Life would be easy if they would...just Obey the Golden. The world would be filled, actually overflowing with peace.

Goldens love everybody...well we try. Humans can learn from us...sniff, wag and sniff hard can it be?


Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogging world Harry! I'm glad you joined us.

Homer said...

Hi Harry,

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. We think you are booti-ful!

BTW, you might want to check out this website It's pawsome and you'll get to meet other doggie bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Just love this blog. Hope Harry allows his "packies" to continue to type things out for him. We knew he was smart but this is just wonderful!!!

Love, Aunt Janet & Uncle Dick